20 Thousand T Building Gypsum Powder Production Line

20 Thousand T Building Gypsum Powder Production Line

What can we do for our consumers?
For consumers with certain necessity, we could supply the suitable options or make your plans much more workable based mostly on our overseas experience.
For  clientele CZPT comprehensive requirement, we would like to advise our comparable projects according to the local climate and use of the building website.
For the worth added services, we are capable of supplying a impression picture to present the production line right.

Introduction of gypsum powder production line China top producer:
As skilled producer and provider for building materials production strains, we DCI provide gypsum powder production strains, with different capacities according to client’s specifications.
With our professional technical team, we can complete a series of function from design and style(mechanical and electrical), manufacture, provide, installation, commissioning to stabilized manufacturing,surely we also supply the spare portion offer service.
Till now, we have made and equipped comprehensive sets of machine lines to Russia, Oman, Uzbekistan,United Arab Emirates, Iran.

  1. Short introduction:

Following currently being heated and calcined with specific temperature, normal di-hydrate gypsum is dehydrated    
 and decompounded, to get the item whose significant component is semi-hydrated gypsum (CaSO41/2 HtwoO), that is, calcined gypsum (typically slaked gypsum). In accordance to diverse temperatures and strain circumstances in the course of dehydration decomposition, the obtained product is β-variety calcined gypsum. Simple process of mechanized production consists of five big systems: gypsum grinding system, automatic measuring method, calcination technique, warmth supply program, and aging& packing system. According to the client’s prerequisite, gypsum crushing system can be included to crush huge gypsum rock to be with size of -30 mm, and then conveyed into grinding method.
2.Production line variety
one)Managing portion:  Complete Computerized
2)Annual ability: twenty,000 t~three hundred,000t
3) Gasoline: Natural fuel, coal, diesel, heavy oil
four)Uncooked substance: All-natural gypsum rock (if including some equipments, industrial by-merchandise–desulfurization gypsum can be employed), and in conformity with need of gypsum rock of in excess of Quality 3 for making cementing materials in JC/T seven-hundred-1998: Material of CaSO4·2HtwoO in uncooked materials >70%.
three.Major Affordable and CZPT Paramete

No Name Unit Index
1 Annual capacity MT 30000
two Yearly gypsum rock consumption MT 35000
3 Operating days/yr Day 300
4 Every day potential MT 100
5 CZPTity consumption for producing 1 ton of gypsum powder
KWH thirty
six Coal (7000 kcal/kg) Kg/t 33
seven Worker/shift folks/change 6-seven
8 Controlling Component   Complete Automatic
nine Once-a-year capability   20, 000-200, 000 Tons Per Year
10 Calcining program   Ebullition furnace
Rotary kiln
Rotary kiln
11 Gas   All-natural gasoline, diesel, coal, weighty oil
twelve Raw materials   Natural Gypsum Rock
thirteen Completed powder use   Gypsum board
Plaster wall/Putty 


four. Good quality CZPT:
Gypsum Powder Top quality CZPT: GB/T 9776-2008
Gypsum Powder: 80-100mesh
Composition: Content of β-CaSOfour·1/2H2O (mass portion) in calcined gypsum must be not significantly less than 75%.
The First Placing Time: Shall Not Be Much less Than six Minutes,
The Last Setting Time: Shall Not Be Much more Than 30 Minutes

2. Major Technology
Gypsum Powder Plant(Character Gypsum Rock)
Gypsum Mine –210mm gypsum rock→ Crushing →bucket elevator →silo → Raymond mill →screw conveyor → bucket  elevator →material stablization silo →electronic belt scale →bucket elevator →boiling kiln →bucket elevator →FU chain conveyor →clinker silo →packing
five.Main production tools introduction

  1. Grinding technique
  2. Automatic measuring technique
  3. Calcining system
  4. Organic and natural heat carrier boiler
  5. Growing older &packing technique
  6. Automatic management program

among them,the Gypsum powder ebullition furnace utilised in the calcining program has following positive aspects:
a Small quantity, massive capacity
b Simple composition, un-damageable
c Compact composition, considerably less land occupation, excellent de-dusting effect
d Less power usage
e Convenient to run, effortless to manage
f Excellent merchandise high quality, reasonably perfect calcined gypsum stage composition, secure actual physical properties
g Reduced money development expense& operation expense
And the This furnace employs electric energy or chemical vitality created by sound, liquid or gaseous fuels as principal warmth supply and warmth conductive oil as heat transfer medium. It adopts pipeline to join boiler and thermal products into shut program. It also adopts new preserving variety heating way— adopting compelled circulation to warmth thermal tools. Compared with other heating equipment, it has the adhering to clear benefits:
a Under lower functioning pressure, it can get larger heating temperature. As a result, gear investment price is reduced and safety aspect is intensified.
b Heat uniformly and stably, correctly manage heating temperature to avoid element heating to heated product, successfully bettering merchandise quality.
c The warmth conductive oil has no corrosion and scale, so investment for drinking water treatment tools which is needed for warmth transfer medium this kind of as drinking water or steam and pharmaceutical remedy value is diminished.
d The freezing point of warmth conductive oil is fairly reduced and can be employed in chilly winter. Even if it is solidified, there is no growth and no risk for cracking equipment.
e 1 organic and natural warmth carrier boiler can source heat for a number of consumers at the same time with diverse temperatures. Therefore the equipment expense for numerous heating equipments for many customers is reduced.
f In contrast with steam boiler, natural warmth provider furnace can save more than 40% power, for it adopts liquid transmission to transfer power, and circulated heating, CZPT condensation emission to loss heat. It is the perfect strength-saving and atmosphere-guarding items, simple to work, risk-free and reputable.

Managing Part Entire Computerized
Once-a-year capability CZPTized (30, 000-300, 000 Tons Per Year)
Calcining technique Ebullition furnace
Rotary kiln
Gas All-natural gasoline, diesel, coal, large oil
Raw materials All-natural Gypsum Rock
Desulfurization Gypsum
Dephosphorization Gypsum
Completed powder use Gypsum board
Plaster wall


one. High quality CZPT:
Gypsum Powder High quality CZPT: GB/T 9776-2008
Gypsum Powder: 80-100mesh
The Initial Placing Time: Shall Not Be Much less Than 6 Minutes,
The Last Location Time: Shall Not Be Far more Than 30 Minutes

2. Major Technological innovation
Gypsum Powder Plant(Character Gypsum Rock)
Gypsum Mine – Crushing – Grinding – Calcining – Ageing -Concluded Products (CaSO4.1/2H2O)


20 Thousand T Building Gypsum Powder Production Line