4FT Plywood Glue Spreader Machine

4FT Plywood Glue Spreader Machine

Our organization was launched in 1991, specializing in the creation of artificial board equipment and equipment. It has now produced into a set of scientific investigation, generation and product sales as one particular of the modernizations of wooden-based panel machinery producing enterprises.

So, you just believe in us, we will carry the very best merchandise and best service to you. We are keen to assist your organization expansion additional and better.

We can offer wooden log slicing, wooden log debarker, veneer peeling device, veneer clipping machine, veneer stacking device, veneer drying machine, veneer splicing machine, veneer glue spreader, veneer paving device, plywood chilly push device, plywood hot push machine, plywood edge trimming saw device, plywood sanding machine etc. 

In the meantime, we can CZPT all of the plywood machinery in accordance to client’s needs.

The plywood manufacturing line stream as comply with:

Plywood Gluing coating equipment for plywood glue spreading

The glue spreader equipment spreads the glue on the core veneers, multi-layer board, plywood, blockboard and so on. It has a few rollers and 4 rollers. The a single with a few rollers is single-aspect glue coating device. The glue spreader with 4 rollers is double-side coating machine. The glue spreader is divided into 4ft, 5ft, 8ft, 9ft and so on. It can be CZPT according to client’s prerequisite. It is created with sensible layout, glue coating averagely, conserving cost, easy operation and lower value.

Plywood Glue Spreader-Attributes:

one. Coating averagely, large efficiency, conserve glue. Conserve personnel and expense
two.coating roller is  made by the substantial-quality natural rubber, the squeeze roller is chromate remedy seamless steel pipe, the roller surface area lined by stainless metal never ever has the rust bec of glue corrosion
3.Easy operation and effortless upkeep
4.utilized for plywood, core veneer coating and spreading

CZPT Requirements:

Device Variety 4FT Normal DBL coating 5FT Normal DBL coating 8FT Normal DBL coating 8FT Pneumatic DBL coating
Equipment No. YHGS-1400(A,B,C) YHGS-1500(A,B) YHGS-2700(A,B,C) YHGS-2700D
Roller quantity 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs
Doing work speed A,B: 24-90m/min, C: 31.45m/min 24-90m/min adjustable adjustable
Diameter of glue coating roller A: 246mm, B: 410mm, C: 320mm A: 246mm, B: 410mm A: 305mm, B: 410mm, C: 430mm 420mm WITH THREADING
Length of glue coating roller A,B: 1400mm, C: 1500mm 1600mm 2700mm 2700mm
Diameter of glue squeeze roller A: 217mm, B: 270mm, C: 210mm A: 217mm, B: 270mm A,B: 270mm, C: 292mm 270mm
Length of glue squeeze roller A,B: 1400mm, C: 1500mm 1600mm 2700mm 2700mm
Electricity of motor A: 3KW, B: five.5KW, C: 4KW A: 4KW, B: 5.5KW A,B: six.6KW, C: five.5KW seven.5KW(Major Equipment)
Max. Veneer thickness A,B: 20mm, C: 40mm 20mm A,B: 30mm, C: 50mm 30mm
Max. Veneer width 1400mm A: 1400mm, B: 1500mm 2700mm 2700mm
Total measurement A: 2100*1300*1400mm,
B: 2100*1000*1500mm,
C: 2270*1240*1690mm
2300*1200*1400mm A: 3400*1300*1500mm,
B: 3400*1300*1600mm,
C: 4080*1200*1530mm
Machine’s bodyweight A: 1000KGS, B: 2000KGS,
C: 2100KGS
A: 1100KGS, B: 2200KGS A: 2300KGS, B: 3200KGS,
C: 4500KGS

Plywood Glue Spreader-Pictures in Detail

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HangCZPT Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Shunda CZPT Manufacture Business Restricted. (HangCZPT Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Shunda Imp.& Exp., Ltd.) is a professional equipment firm in making and promoting plywood machine, particle board machine, MDF/HDF device, flooring equipment, lamination press, positioned in lovely logistics city “HangCZPT”, and also won a license for immediate import and export by the state government.

Soon after twenty years’ knowledge and advancement, it always adheres to the impartial innovation and scientific improvement way. Now leading goods and auxiliary goods adhere to the market place need and improve increasingly. Specializing in the creation of different expert plywood, flooring, laminated board, particleboard, MDF/HDF, OSB total lines and equipment. Equipment are also exported to 20 nations and districts in Asia, CZPTpe, Africa and The usa with large-quality merchandise and ideal services, it has won the recognition of customers interior China and abroad.

YIHE machinery, hailed in wood-based mostly equipment, flight being as leading producers and exporters in the very same industry, one particular-time cooperation, complete lifestyle friends.


4FT Plywood Glue Spreader Machine