Bzd Type Heavy Duty Swing Level Jib Crane

Bzd Type Heavy Duty Swing Level Jib Crane

Mounted-Column Design Slewing Jib Crane .5ton


1.Set-column fashion slewing jib crane 1ton
2.Capability: .25t-10t
3.Lift top: 2-10m
4.Arm duration: 2-7m
5.Light-weight duty A3-A5

BZD variety pillar jib crane is a established of middle or small variety gear for lifting, which forms a comprehensive set with electric powered hoist.It is normally adopted with push button and manual pulling, which is dependable and exclusive.

Operated arbitrarily in a few-dimensional place.

Exhibiting a lot more superiority than other standard equipments for lifting in short-distance and dense lifting event, which can be used broadly in distinct spots of all kinds of business.

Ambient temperature ought to be no much more than forty oC.

Managed by push button or remote with VVVF.

Forbidden to use in easily flamable, explosive, corrosive, electromagnetic, electric hoist, melting metallic, overloading and dust works.



1) Superior blend of motor, reducer, brake and drum.

2) Commonly employed with I-beam.

3) Light-weight duty type

four) Safe traveling

5) Fluent commencing and stopping

6) Noise-significantly less

7) Very good look

eight) Effortless and hassle-free servicing

9) Price successful

10) CE certification


Bzd Type Heavy Duty Swing Level Jib Crane