Ce Certified Material Building Elevator High-Speed Building Hoist Sc Series Sc100 120 150 200 250 270 300

Ce Certified Material Building Elevator High-Speed Building Hoist Sc Series Sc100 120 150 200 250 270 300

CZPT elevators take up innovative technology at property and overseas. They are novel in design, affordable in structure, easy in operation, handy in disassembly and assembly, and protected and reliable in operation.
The equipment makes use of a massive quantity of domestic and international famous electrical factors and major equipment of the transmission system. The steel framework is all manufactured of higher good quality steel, which is welded by gas shielded welding. The product area paint is produced of imported raw components. It is bright and not simple to fade.
The equipment is outfitted with different reliable and excellent security interlocking devices, these kinds of as basic safety swap, circuit breaking safety change, upper and reduce restrict switch, sophisticated electromechanical interlocking switch, progressive anti-slipping protection device and security security hook. Its safety design and style and configuration completely conform to the national standards.
CZPT cage internal measurement: 3000x1500x2200mm (LXWXH)
Mast area dimension: 650x650x1508mm
Max. Lifting peak: a hundred and fifty/300/450m
Electricity resource: 380-440V, 50Hz/60Hz
one. CZPTt braking and run efficiently.
two. Lower starting up existing.
3. Decrease mechanical use and lengthen service daily life.
four. A lot more dependable stability.
5. Adopts the most sophisticated VF velocity manage unit and micro laptop programmable logic controller.
6. Stepless velocity handle assists remove the concussion for the duration of start up and braking, regular the procedure method, and assures automatic leveling.
7. Adopts open up loop V/F control: the velocity manage precision can achieve ±2~3%. Realizes accurate lower speed positioning of the hoist and avoids slipping downward halting of hoist.
eight. The VF technique has present-restriction perform, making certain a tiny present when motor commence up and decreasing the concussion to power offer. It lowers the enegy consumption and mitigates outcomes to o internet site electric equipment.
nine. The steadiness throughout managing mitigates concussion to mechanical areas, reduces wears of rack, pinion and the brake and prolongs the spare components daily life.
10. The VF technique also has the in excess of voltage protection, reduced voltage safety, over-present, overload and anti-stalling security functions.
11. The technique applies the unique comfortable ware for hoist developed by our company, producing the procedure a lot more secure and reputable.
Place of software:
1. Civil construction staff cargo transport.
two. CZPT and transportation of boilers in power crops.
3. Guy-cargo transportation of metal framework buildings in factories.
Common speed construction hoist complex parameters desk

type design hoist velocity(m/min) rated load(kg) motor electricity(kW) basic safety gadget remark
one cage
SC100 33 one thousand 2×11 SAJ thirty-one.two
  1. the advisable cage dimension(LXWXH)(M)two.5×1.3×2.53×1.3×2.53.05×1.5×2.five

The condition and dimensions technical specs of the suspension cage can also be manufactured according to customer requirements.

SC120 33 1200 2×11 SAJ thirty-1.2
SC150 33 1200 2×13 SAJ 40-1.2
SC200 33 2000 3×11 SAJ forty-1.2
double cages SC100/a hundred 33 2×1000 2x2x11 SAJ 30-1.2
SC120/one hundred twenty 33 2×1200 2x2x11 SAJ thirty-one.two
SC150/a hundred and fifty 33 2×1500 2x2x13 SAJ 40-1.two
SC200/two hundred 33 2×2000 2x3x11 SAJ 40-1.two

Frequency managed stepless pace regulation design hoist complex parameter table

variety design hoist speed(m/min) rated load(kg) motor power(kW) VFD(kW) security device remark
solitary cage
SC100 M -sixty three a thousand 3×13 45 SAJ 40-one.6
  1. the recommended cage dimension(LXWXH)(M)2.5×1.3×2.53×1.3×2.fifty three.05×1.5×2.five

The condition and measurement specs of the suspension cage can also be produced in accordance to buyer needs.

SC150 M -63 1500 3×15 55 SAJ forty-one.6
SC200 M -55 2000 2×23(87Hz) fifty five SAJ forty-1.6
-63 3×18.5 seventy five SAJ 50-one.six
-72 3×19(87Hz) seventy five SAJ fifty-one.6
double cages SC200 M -63 2×1000 3x13x2 45 SAJ 40-one.6
SC150/a hundred and fifty M -63 2×1500 3x15x2 fifty five SAJ forty-one.6
SC200/two hundred M -55 2×2000 2x23x2 fifty five SAJ 40-1.6
-63 3×18.5×2 75 SAJ fifty-one.6
-seventy two 3x19x2 75 SAJ 50-1.six

sort product hoist pace(m/min) rated load(kg) motor energy(kW) VFD(kW) safety unit remark
single cage
SC100 L -forty one thousand 2×11 thirty SAJ thirty-1.2
  1. the advised cage dimensions(LXWXH)(M)2.5×1.3×2.53×1.3×2.fifty three.05×1.5×2.five

The condition and dimensions technical specs of the suspension cage can also be made according to customer specifications.

-46 2X13 thirty
SC150 L -40 1500 2×13 thirty SAJ 40-one.2
-forty six 2×15 37
SC200 L -33 2000 2×13 thirty SAJ forty-one.two
-forty 3×11 37
-forty six 3×13 45
double cages SC100/a hundred L -33 2×1000 3×13 45 SAJ thirty-1.2
SC150/one hundred fifty L -40 2×1500 2×13 30×2 SAJ 40-1.two
-46 2×15 37×2
SC200/two hundred L -33 2×2000 2x13X2 30×2 SAJ 40-one.two
-40 3x11X2 37×2
-46 3x13X2 45×2


Ce Certified Material Building Elevator High-Speed Building Hoist Sc Series Sc100 120 150 200 250 270 300