Ctg Mini Dry Magnetic Drum Separators for Sale

Ctg Mini Dry Magnetic Drum Separators for Sale

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CTG Mini Dry Magnetic Drum Separators mostly is composed of this sort of four elements as cylinder, magnetic technique, cell and transmission areas. Cylinder is produced of 2-3mm welded and bent stainless steel and the terminal include is forged aluminum plate which is connected with stainless bolts. 
The magnetic system is a ring-formed chain closed magnetic circuit with energizing coils made of copper tubing and cooled internally by water. Grooved plates produced of magnetic conductive stainless metal are employed as a magnetic matrix. This separator attributes a limited magnetic circuit, small magnetic flux leakage, higher magnetic depth, minimal vitality consumption, a straightforward construction and effortless routine maintenance.

CZPT Parameters


Design Cylinder Size
Magnetic Energy(Gs) Velocity(m/s) Electricity(kw) Capability Fat(kg) Note
t/d m3/d
CTG-7522 750*2200 2000-3500 forty three 2500 1800 1300 Everlasting magnetism
CTG-7526 750*2600 2000-3500 35 four 3000 2200 1500
CTG-9571 900*2200 2000-3500 38 5.5 3000 2200 1600
CTG-9026 900*2600 2000-3500 28 five.five 3500 2500 1900
CTG-1571 1050*2400 2000-3500 28 seven.five 3500 2500 2200
CTG-1030 1050*3000 2000-3500 22 11 4000 2800 2600
CTG-1230 1200*3000 2000-3500 22 eleven 4200 3000 3000


 1) Short magnetic circuit,
 2) tiny magnetic flux leakage
 3) large magnetic depth
 4) minimal energy intake
 5) fantastic beneficiating benefits
 6)simple structure and easy to keep. 

Working basic principle

When resources go through the long term magnetic drum, the magnetic particles are absorbed to the drum area and discharged by way of the magnetic product location. In the meantime, the non-magnetic particles are ejected from the drum surface beneath the influence of the centrifugal force and gravitation and discharged by way of the non-magnetic item location.

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Ctg Mini Dry Magnetic Drum Separators for Sale