hellobaler Horizontal Closed Door Baling Machine for aluminum cans Recycling

hellobaler Horizontal Closed Door Baling Machine for aluminum cans Recycling

                                                            Closed doorway baler for HM-five

No make a difference you want to bale gentle reliable waste ( Like paper, cardboard, textile) or tough reliable waste( Like sheet iron, plastic bottle, plastic), our HM sequence can meet up with all your baling requirements.


Energy Saving Electrical power
HM Seriesequipped with one low-energy motor, which give satisfactory electricity to the continuousrunning of the equipment, while this is the very best electrical power in conditions of performance andenergy saving.
Large Responsibility WeldedCZPT
The whole frame is heavy responsibility weldedwithQ235 steel plate, which is very sturdy and tough, we can guarantee10 years daily life of the primary frame.
Resilient CZPT
The body of the conveyor is heavy obligation weldedwith HT300 metal, the chain is made by 6mmsteel plate, whilst the include of the conveyor is new type PU slab rubber, all ofthese produced our conveyor sturdy and really powerful to resist pressure.
ErgonomicWire Tie Resource
HM Sequence need to be tied manually, weprovide the ergonomic wire tie instrument for our consumers, which drastically increase efficiencyduring the bale tie procedure.
Basic safety 1st
HelloBaler usually place safety to thefirst location not only in manufacturing but operation.
Our balers outfitted withemergency cease switch, circuit protector and safety door tomake certain safety when functioning. What’s a lot more, caution boards are posted on mainparts of the equipment to warn operator.


one Major machine measurements L9550×W1500×H3400(mm)  
two Bale dimensions W1100×H1250×L1600(mm)  
three Complete equipment Kw 37Kw +5.5kw +7.5Kw  
four Region lined L15000×W14500(mm)  
5 Binding strategy Manual kind  
6 Binding wire and content 4 wires  
7 Operation type Button operate  
8 Control way Integrated relay management  
nine CZPT length L=11200mm  
ten CZPT width W2000mm  
eleven CZPT belt width W1670mm Rubber  
twelve Major electrical equipment Relay  
13 Major valve fifty Electrohydraulic  
14 Major oil pump YCY250 piston pump 1set
15 Auxiliary pump CBG160 equipment pump  25 gear pump 1set
16 CZPT horizon duration L=4000  
seventeen Materials CZPT bags, PET Bottles. Paper  

We could layout the balers according to customers’s any requirement.

Warranty Terms:

Products Warranty Items Guarantee Items Warranty
Main frame 10 years Motor 3 years Valve 1year
CZPT cylinder 6years Pump  1 year Baler machine 1 year

CZPT components: 
a. if it is the good quality difficulty in one calendar year, we resend to you for free
b. Un-regular ruined elements in guarantee period, you want demand the elements price and delivery expense
c. Normal damaged spare parts, you want demand it the value


hellobaler Horizontal Closed Door Baling Machine for aluminum cans Recycling