RMS Drag Chain Conveyor

RMS  Drag Chain Conveyor

        The Drag Chain conveyor is that transmission drives the drive sprocket to rotate, conveyor chain with the scraper meshes with generate sprocket and moves appropriately when the material is added from feed inlet, it is received in slot, then pulling pressure of conveyor chain moves in the same path, so that the inside friction and inside strain in between raw resources raises. When the friction is greater than friction among the substance and the groove wall, it is driven CZPT by the conveyor chain movement, and increased interior pressure guarantees a secure condition between the layers, creating a continuous stream. When the ratio of the layer top fulfills specific situations, transmission movement is stable and the content velocity is about equivalent to chain pace, so substance is continually and stably transported from discharge port

 RMS(Horizontal)scraper conveyor is engaged in transport bulk grain,It is extremely speed,big ability, very good sealing, multi-point loading and unloading, and the greatest dip angle is fifteen dgree,there are 10 sorts of this craper conveyor and the highest conveying capability of 1500ton/ hour,the highest conveying distance is 80 meters.

Product RMS20 RMS25 RMS32 RMS40 RMS50 RMS63
slot width 200 250 315 400 500 630
loading depth two hundred two hundred 200 four hundred 500 500
chiains for scraper design 3002T 3002T 3002T 3002T/3003T 3002T/3003T 3002T/3003T
allowable load(KN ) 40.one forty.one 40.one 40.one/90 40.one/ninety 80/one hundred eighty
chains excess weight(KG/M ) twelve.five thirteen.eight 15.6 18.three/23.five 24.1/29.6 37.2/47.6
chain speed(M/S) .16-.32 .16-.32 .2-.four .25-.5 .four-.eight .five-one.05
capability(T/H) twelve-twenty five 12-forty 35-70 eighty-one hundred sixty two hundred-380 300-630
max conveying length(M ) eighty eighty 80 eighty 80 80
motor electricity(KW) ≤11 ≤15 ≤22 ≤37 ≤90 ≤160

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RMS  Drag Chain Conveyor