Rubber Powder Mixer

Rubber Powder Mixer

Positive aspects&colon
The greatest mixing homogeneity
The shortest mixing time
Large mixing performance
Out segregation

Functioning rules&colon
CZPT shaft paddle mixer is a batch mixer with two counter-rotating shaft that are equipped with ten paddles&comma they overlap every single other adhering to the driven unit&time period
Blades produce centrifugal power throughout higher speed rotation&comma spilling the material to the higher portion in the barrel&comma then the content falling down
Scope of application&colon
WZL double shaft paddle mixer is widely employed in chemical&comma foods and development line&period It can combine powder&comma granule and fiber material&interval It promotes a homogeneous combine independent of particle dimension&comma density and fluidity of the components and fluidity&time period
By means of design&comma the double shaft paddle mixer can adapt to all sorts of manufacturing line&comma and cooperate with other varieties of gear including the conveying gear&comma storage facility&comma feeding products&comma weights technique&comma packing equipment&comma and screening machinery to total the automation generation requirements&comma

Adaptable materials selection
Components can be selected from carbon steel&comma manganese steel&comma stainless steel 304 or 316L&comma and 321&comma apart from&comma different substance can also be employed in combination&comma substance is various among the portion contact with the uncooked content and the areas do not make contact with with the raw materials&time period
Floor remedy for stainless metal consist of sandblasting&comma wiredrawing&comma sprucing&comma mirror sprucing&comma all can be employed in distinct elements of a mixer&interval

CZPT driven device
The pushed device&comma energy and velocity are varied according to different uncooked resources&time period CZPTting technique&comma and processing&comma because of the meshing relationship for the internal paddles of the double shaft paddle mixer&comma the double shaft driven device is required to be equipped with synchronous capacity&time period The four driven blend released by Shengli Co&time period That can meet distinct specifications are the combination of two synchronous equipment box&comma double output equipment box&comma double synchronous planetary equipment box&comma and the mixture of reducer and chain&period The combination of SK-series double synchronous gear box is the best configuration for double shaft paddle mixer&interval

Large efficiency mixing device
According to the houses of uncooked supplies&comma the paddle can be altered and developed appropriately&comma for instance introducing use-proof plate&comma Teflon plate&comma and saw-toothed paddle&period
CZPT shaft paddle mixer can be also included higher velocity breaking bar within the barrel&comma scattering content adhering to its movement&period

Outstanding discharging unit
CZPT valve for the double shaft paddle mixer is twin pneumatic planar flap valves&interval When shut the valve&comma the planar flaps match the mixing barrel properly&comma this makes no mixing dead zone and far better mixing result&time period

specification operating capability&lparL&rpar operating capability&lparKG&rpar revolution&solrotation electrical power bodyweight
WZL-&period3 &period18 200 sixty 5&period5 650
WZL-&period5 &period3 300 sixty seven&period5 900
WZL-one &period6 600 53 11 1300
WZL-two one&period2 1200 forty three 22 2300
WZL-three one&period8 1800 43 thirty 2800
WZL-4 two&period4 2500 35 37 3400
WZL-six 3&period6 3600 35 44 5000
WZL-ten six 6000 29 sixty 6000
WZL-15 9 9000 22 90 8500
WZL-20 12 12000 eighteen a hundred and fifty 12000

Rubber Powder Mixer