Trailer-Mounted Kubota Yanmar Perkins Mobile Light Tower with Trailer and Metal Halide

Trailer-Mounted Kubota Yanmar Perkins Mobile Light Tower with Trailer and Metal Halide

KLT-8000 Cell Mild TOWER Specs

Engine Technique
*Kubota D1105-E2BG
*Diesel gasoline
*EPA Tier 4 optional
*three cylinders in line four stroke
*one.123 L displacement
*Liquid cool
*Energy primary:13.5HP/10.07KW @1800 RPM or eleven.4HP/8.4KW @1500 RPM

Gasoline Program
*Steel gas tank 100L
*Gasoline intake a hundred% load L/Hour
*Exterior fill port
*Fuel filter with replacement element

*Air filter: Dry variety cartridge
*Cooling technique capable of functioning at fifty degree ambient

*Oil filter: entire circulation, spin-on sort
*Longer services interval

*50/sixty HZ engine/generator
*Stamford/Leroy-somer/Meccalte/Sinocox brushless
*Up to 7kW standby output
*a hundred and fifteen/230V,a hundred and twenty/240V AC
*Capacitor or AVR voltage regulator

*Computerized low oil/large temperature shut down method
*Smartgen/Deepsea manage module

*four-1000W MH lamps
*Coverage:4000 square meters
*Oval aluminum reflector
*Tempered glass lens
*Silicone gaskets for moisture and dust defense
*Personal flood mild on/off switches

*Convenience receptacles with individual breakers

*Wind ranking: 80kph
*Horizontal mast with lengthen 3 sections 9 meters
*Dual winches let one particular person run
*360 diploma horizontal rotation

*Metal enclosure with powder coat
*Stainless steel hinges and locks on the doorways
*Multi-lingual working/safety decals
*Outfitted with single lifting eye and fork pockets

*Detachable tongue
*4 adjustable leveling jacks
*All jacks transportation and lock in horizontal placement for storage
*Side outriggers
*Basic safety chain with protection hook
*Ball or ring hitch
*Brake, switch and stop lights
*Leaf spring axle
*185R15 Tyres

Dry weight: 800kgs
Wet fat: 900kgs


Sturdy and trustworthy with exclusive functions for enhanced functionality
*Large-output light fixtures
*Telescoping tower rotates nearly 360 degree
*Several reduced-velocity engine choices
*Weighty gauge all-metal body
*Unobstructed motor accessibility

CZPTer KLT-8000 cell light tower employs guide(electric powered) winch to function tower mast. The tower mast lays down horizontally on the cover to save space. It utilizes point out-of-the-artwork technology for excellent illumination shining uniform light pattern across the complete jobsite and exceeding federal government rules for perform internet site illumination.
For quickly work-website set up and less downtime, every single light-weight fixture can be aimed independently CZPT the use of resources-and the fixtures continue to be in spot as soon as positioned. Pick either LED or steel halide lights when specifying your light tower. CZPTer proprietary LED fixtures are the brightest on any portable light-weight tower, and CZPTer metallic halide fixtures attribute large-depth parabolic reflectors that increase illumination. Balloon lights are also CZPT.
The telescoping tower stows securely in a journey cradle when it is horizontal, then extends vertically to nine meters when deployed. While upright, the tower rotates nearly 360 degrees and the lights can run at any top, Reducing the want to shift the trailer regularly. Two winches elevate and prolong the tower simply. Guide winches are normal and electric winches are optional.
A choice of industrial diesel engines and 4-pole generators make sure trustworthy performance. The substantial-effectiveness motor and 100L gas tank supply lengthen operate time among refueling-up to 100 hours with CZPTer exclusive LED light fixtures. Efficiency improving alternatives incorporate an automated dusk-to-dawn start/quit method and cold-temperature start package deal.


Transportation and storage
*Compact construction style takes up much less room when transported or saved
*Fold-up tow bar decreases footprint when stored or transported
*Up to eighteen units in 40’HQ
*Well balanced layout and decrease top make sure very best tow experience

*Compact style is easy to maneuver and deploy
*Minimal tongue weight makes it easy to eliminate the trailer by hand with just one particular particular person
*Three outriggers and four leveling jacks offer balance when deployed
*Lights can be safely and securely adjusted from the floor, with no require to climb on products
*Lights are aimed independently and hold their position CZPT equipment
*Two winches raises and lowers the tower effortlessly and effortlessly
*Lights operate at any height
*LED lights are brightest CZPT on a compact gentle tower

*All-metal, climate-resistant equipment cabinet protects controls, motor, alternator and other elements from the aspects
*Lockable doorway latch safeguards parts from unauthorized accessibility
*Management panel contains circuit breakers for lights and usefulness outlet
*Manage module with engine above velocity and higher temperature protection
*Ease outlet with dedicated circuit breaker powers auxiliary tools
*Main power circuit breaker provides added defense and instant-off to stop motor injury
*Optional vehicle-commence/cease program supplies dusk-to-dawn or programmable routine procedure

Electrical power program
*Rugged industrial diesel engine paired with a top quality four-pole generator
*Huge gas tank extends operate time among refueling
*Optional glow-plug preheat method improves chilly-climate beginning
*Optional chilly-climate package assures starting up in serious chilly
*Computerized engine shut-down method protects engine from injury because of to lower oil strain and high coolant temperature

*All-welded structural metal frame assures longevity and long life
*Tough powder-coat end resists the aspects
*CZPT trailer tires
*Bolt on fenders can be changed if broken

*CZPT internet sites
*Public and private events
*Parking tons
*Street operate zones

Steel halide lights
*4 metal halide light lamps
*1000W per gentle overall 4000W
*Illumination 110000 lm for each lamp first depth, 440000 lm total first intensity
*Fixtures-Elliptical housing with reflective interior, retention clip for supporting lamp, and protective glass with gasket

LED lights
*4 LED lights
*350W/400W/450W/500W for every fixture
*Complete 1400W/1600W/1800W/2000W LED total
*Fixtures: Large-obligation housing with glass lenses and integral warmth sink
*Swivel brackets: Four swivel brackets, a single attached to every gentle fixture, permit lights to be rotated and tilted Lights can be aimed CZPT equipment friction and tensioning clamps hold lights in location

Output power
*Voltage 220V
*Frequency fifty/60HZ
*Electricity outlet 10A receptacle

Handle panel
*Function Permits the operator to start and end the engine, and change the energy on and off
*Place Inside equipment cabinet, accessed at front of trailer
*Enclosure Sheet steel design, powder-coated for durability
*Power change One particular dual-pole circuit breaker toggles electrical power to all circuits on and off
*Lights solitary-pole circuit breakers toggle electricity to lights on and off one particular for every
*Energy outlet one particular single-pole circuit breaker toggle power to receptacle

*Frame all welded structural metal
*Fenders full wheel coverage, bolted to trailer body
*Tie-down 4 tie-down factors for securing trailer throughout transportation
*Finish Black powder-coat end to make sure durability and corrosion defense prior to assembly.
*CZPTs CZPT-eye leaf springs
*Tires dimensions 185R14
*Draw bar hitch ring or ball hinged on bracket welded below trailer body. Folds up for shipping and delivery and storage when essential. Secures up or down with a solitary locking pin
*Tow hitch CZPT 2-inch ring or ball coupler tow-hitch. Bolts to drawbar, detachable and replaceable
*Tow chains chain attached to drawbar with fast connectors
*Leveling jacks 4 detachable swivel jacks Two jacks mounting to outriggers of entrance of trailer, a single jack to outriggers at rear of trailer, and one jack on drawbar.
*Outriggers Three telescoping outriggers (jack extensions) grow trailer footprint and include steadiness when deployed. Two outriggers located at front corners of trailer and 1 at rear middle
*Trailer plug CZPT street trailer plug

CZPTer KLT-8000 KLT-10000V KLT-8000 LED KLT-10000V LED KLT-ten thousand KLT-10000 LED
Light-weight coverage m2 four.000
(average 20 luxes)
(common twenty luxes)
(average 20 luxes)
(regular 20 luxes)
(common twenty luxes)
(common 20 luxes)
Lamps Steel Halide Steel Halide LED LED Metal Halide LED
Mast Laydown or Vertical Manual Vertical CZPT Laydown or Vertical Manua Vertical Hydarulic Laydown Hydarulic Laydown Hyraulic
Functions Powder coat canopy Gull wing canopy Powder coat canopy Powder coat canop Powder coat canop Powder coat canop
Efficiency Info            
Rated Frequency Hz fifty 60 fifty sixty 50 sixty 50 60 50 60 50
Rated Voltage VAC 230 one hundred twenty a hundred and twenty 120 230 120 120 230 or DC48V
Rated Electricity (PRP) kW six 8 six 8 4five 4five 6 eight or higher 6
Functioning Temperature
(min / max)
ºC -twenty five/fifty
Audio Force
dB(A) ninety 90 86 86 87 ninety
Seem Power @ 7m (LPA) dB(A) 65 65 sixty three sixty three seventy one seventy three sixty five
Product   Kubota
D1105-E2BG/Kohler KDW 1003/Yanmar 3TNV76/Perkins 403A-11G
D1105-E2BG/Kohler KDW 1003/Yanmar 3TNV76/Perkins 403A-11G
Z482/D905/KDW 702/Yanmar 2TNV70
Z482/D905/KDW 702/Yanmar 2TNV70
D1105 or V1505
D1105 or D905
Speed 1800 1500 Internet Output
kW 8.four nine,five 8.four 9,five fourfive four five 8.4 9,five 8.four
Coolant   Water Drinking water H2o Drinking water Drinking water Water
Quantity of cylinders   three three 2 or three two or 3 three 3
Model    SMU 132C  SMU 132C SMU 132B SMU 132B SMU 132D SMU 132C or DC48v
Rated output kVA 6 eight six 8 4 five 4 5 8 six
Insulation / Enclosure security course
/ IP
H / 23 H / 23 H / 21 H / 23 H / 23 H / 23
Gasoline tank ability litre a hundred 100 70 70 130 one hundred thirty
Runtime ahead of with lamps ON hrs 60 60 a hundred one hundred ninety sixty five
Energy Output              
Auxiliary Electricity kW 24 24 1 one 2 two 23
Floodlights   Steel halide Metallic halide LED LED Metallic halide LED
Wattage W 4 x 1000 4 x a thousand 4 x 350 four x 350 4 x 1500 6x 400
Variety   Manual CZPT Guide CZPT CZPT CZPT
Rotation degrees 360 360 360 360 360 340
Greatest Height M nine or 8 9 nine or 8 9 nine nine
Highest Speed wind km / h 80 80 80 80 80 80
Enclosure and
Kind   Ball or hitch correct or adjustable towbar or site trailer with leaf or rubber suspension
Enclosure   Metal cover and powder coating paint
Proportions and weigth              
Dimensions in transport Correct Towbar
M one,nine x 1,29 x1,63 two,35 x one,six x 2,5 1,67 x one,ten x 2,50 two,35 x one,6 x 2,5 2,35 x 1,61 x two,5 two,35 x 1,61 x two,5
Fat kg 800 1150 850 1200 1860 1960


Trailer-Mounted Kubota Yanmar Perkins Mobile Light Tower with Trailer and Metal Halide